Training Tips For Living With A Blind Dog

Any dog owner is fully aware of the need to train his or her dog from the very beginning of ownership. 

Whether you have adopted an older dog from a shelter or have bought a new puppy, it is important that you train your dog right from the start to ensure that he or she picks up the rules of your house very quickly and easily. 

It also instills in your dog a sense of how to behave in any situation, which can help to keep you, your family and your dog safe. However, if you are living with a blind dog there's a possibility that you've neglected to start the training process.

Living with a blind dog has an interesting effect on owners; owners seem to believe that they do not have to treat their blind dog the same as they would a “normal” or sighted dog. (this is most prevalent when it comes to training your blind dog. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are living with a blind dog, then it is important to start the training process as soon as possible because it will help to establish boundaries as well as a proper routine.

Blind dogs are often more easily trained than “normal dogs” because they rely on their other senses and seem to know that learning can make their lives easier. 

You should use commands, tone of voice and even stamping a foot to get your dog’s attention while showing them what to do. They will associate words with actions as any other dog would.

By doing this, there's no reason why training and living with a blind dog should be any more difficult than with any other dog.

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