Moving And Your Blind Dog

Moving is an exciting process, especially if you have found your dream home, but it can also be exhausting. 

You have to:

  • notify the utility providers, 

  • pack your stuff, 

  • plan out the big day, and 

  • take time off work… 

The list goes on and on. 

However, if you are moving soon and you are currently living with a blind dog then it's possible that you may not have planned the whole process out for your pooch, too. After all, moving is a big change for a dog that can see, let alone one that is blind.

The first thing to remember when living with a blind dog and moving is that your dog is flexible and can adjust easily to a new home. 

The good news is, you can limit the stress that he or she might feel in a significant way. 

The first step is to introduce your dog to your new home soon after moving in. 

Your furniture will already smell familiar and this scent will provide your dog with some comfort, even if the other scents around him or her are somewhat different.

Ideally, you'll want to introduce your dog to the new home once you have already arranged the furniture as you want it. You want to be sure that your dog gets used to his new environment correctly the first time.

It's also important that you not leave your dog at home on his own for the first couple of days after you move. 

When living with a blind dog, you don't normally need to take special care but in this case, leaving him alone in a new home could cause distress. 

Try not to leave your dog alone for more than an hour or so in the first couple of days after your move. 

This should give your pooch enough time to acclimate to your new home as well as find a safe space to call his own, not to mention give you peace of mind.

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