Living With A Blind Dog 

And Your Own Vocal Training

Did you know that a dog responds more to your tone of voice during training than any other training element? 

Some dogs also respond to your body language but it is the tone of voice that really makes the difference. 

This actually explains a lot, especially when you consider that your dog might not respond when your voice becomes high and pitchy! 

However, if you are living with a blind dog then you need to pay more attention to your tone of voice than you would with a dog that can see. Why? Because your tone of voice is everything!

When living with a blind dog, you will soon find that your dog responds to your tone of voice even more so. Your dog will be able to know whether he has been good, whether he has been bad or whether he should be on alert from the tone of your voice.

So if you will be living with a blind dog then you may need to work on controlling your tone of voice and being more conscious of how you use your voice.

Your voice alone can convey quite a bit of information to your dog.

But your voice can also send a mixed message if you are feeling uptight or annoyed, since your dog can't look at you to see if you're OK. 

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