The Deeper Emotional Bond 

When Living With A Blind Dog

Living with a blind dog may not sound appealing to dog owners that just want a healthy and happy dog to enjoy and care for. In fact, it may even sound like a bit of a drag... 

But what would you say if you were told that living with a blind dog can be just as much fun as living with a seeing dog and can be even more fulfilling emotionally as well? 

Blind dogs are no different than normal dogs. In fact, sometimes they are healthier overall. 

However, your relationship when living with a blind dog will be more emotional for several reasons:

1.      You have to be in control of your emotions because your blind dog picks up on them. Dogs are resilient creatures (and living with a blind dog is no different) but a blind dog will have a heightened sense of how you are feeling and will respond accordingly.

2.      Rather than feel sorry for your dog, you will build a dependent relationship. Your dog is dependent on you and he will become a part of your life too, so you will form a strong bond. This strong connection is built during training. When living with a blind dog, you will be responsible for looking after his or her best interests so make sure that you can relate to your dog.

3.      You have to be able to identify changes in mood owing to changes in your dog's environment. This is no different than having a normal dog when it comes to an unexpected illness but you also have to be able to determine whether environmental changes have upset your dog so you can make those situations right.

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