Caring For Older Blind Dogs

Living with a blind dog is not an uncommon choice for many dog lovers, especially those that fall in love with a blind puppy and bring him home. 

Although this special circumstance may take some getting used to, it is much easier than suddenly having to adjust to living with a blind dog that used to be able to see. 

Some breeds unfortunately suffer gradual vision loss as they get older and may even go blind. Getting used to your dog going blind is not an easy thing to do but there's no reason why your dog should not enjoy as good a quality of life as before.

In fact, living with a blind dog that is older can give you an immense sense of satisfaction. Though initially, it can be disturbing for your dog to go blind, dogs are particularly resilient and your dog will soon find a way to adjust to vision loss. You just have to help him do so. Training is a major part of the process because you will have to retrain your dog to ensure that his behaviors stay the same and do not deteriorate.

If your dog does get blind as he gets older then you need to avoid feeling sorry for him and instead lavish love and attention on him, regardless. 

Help him to adjust by keeping pathways clear and moving anything left lying around.

Allow him to use smells to help him identify his environment. 

Most of all though, give him time to adjust. Living with a blind dog that is a little older is not easy but it is most definitely worth while.


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