How To Care For Your Blind Puppy

Living with a blind dog is not something most people envision when they first think about getting a new pet. But did you know that living with a blind dog does not need to be any more difficult than living with a sighted dog? (especially if you get a blind puppy)

Blind puppies are often born that way so the adjustment process is a lot easier than had your pup once been able to see. This makes the process of taking a blind puppy home easier because they won't miss what they never had.

There are some things you need to take into special consideration when living with a blind dog. 

A puppy needs to be trained, socialize and learn how to live with no sight within your home so you have to be aware of all these factors that may affect you. For example, you need to train from day one, as you would with any dog, but emphasize the commands rather than the actual visual actions. 

Your puppy will need to feel (rather than see) what he needs to do. Similarly, he will rely much more on hearing for just about everything he does. Therefore, buying squeaky toys and rattles for your puppy will help to educate him more quickly.

Finally, when living with a blind dog, socializing your puppy is a must. 

He must encounter humans and dogs alike so that he feels comfortable around both and does not experience behavioral issues later in life. 

Make sure that the dogs he meets have a temperament that will not cause any conflict because you need his first encounters with other dogs to set the tone for future encounters and to put your puppy at ease. 

After those initial days, you will find training and socializing becoming easier. 

It's definitely worth every moment in the long term.

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