Living With A Blind Dog 

And The Importance Of Furniture Placement

If you have ever owned a dog with dull eyesight then you can appreciate just how draining it can be to chase him around the house, picking up the wake of destruction left behind. 

Now, that's if your your dog can actually see where he is going but what if you were living with a completely blind dog? 

What would you do to make sure that he or she still had fun without bumping into anything?

Well, the most important element of living with a blind dog is to ensure that furniture placement is as dog-friendly as possible and does not change at all. (if you can help it)

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and if you happen to be living with a blind dog you'll find that he or she will get used to the layout of your home in no time. 

Don't be afraid to let your dog wander around if he or she is blind because living with a blind dog is all about your own peace of mind as well as providing him with a little freedom.

However, the golden rule of living with a blind dog is to avoid moving the furniture. 

But if you must, then introduce your dog to the new placement immediately. 

If you plan on changing an entire room, then my suggestion is to make changes slowly so that you give your dog a chance to adapt quickly and easily.

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