Living With A Blind Dog And Children

Owning a dog is an absolute pleasure. 

Your canine companion will provide you hours of fun, love and loyalty, which you should return. 

However, if you are living with a blind dog, you need to give a little more than usual.

You must ensure that your dog is treated with the utmost respect at all times. This means not leaving items around that he or she can trip over, providing vocal training and ensuring that your children know exactly how to deal with living with a blind dog.

Children are definitely a handful when it comes to living with a blind dog because it can sometimes be difficult to explain why your dog needs special consideration and care. 

Although he or she does not have sight, his instincts are still the same. 

For example, if your child is taunting your dog then the likelihood is that at some point, he or she may snap. Even the most placid of blind dogs will object to having ears pulled, being snuck up on and generally being tormented. If your dog senses a threat, he or she may react to your children so it is important to teach your children exactly how to behave when living with a blind dog.

Educating children about living with a blind dog should occur as early as possible to avoid any confrontations or negative consequences. 

The earlier you do this, the better because correct behavior soon becomes a habit.

This will ensure that your experience of living with a blind dog and children is as harmonious as possible!

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