Top 5 Tips For Living With A Blind Dog

Living with any pet requires commitment because you must consider his needs whenever you go out, plan a vacation, move to a new home, etc. 

However, living with a blind dog can be even more demanding. 

Living with a blind dog requires more commitment because you have to keep in mind his lack of sight and how that affects his quality of life. 

Contrary to popular belief, blind dogs make excellent companions but you do need to do a little research as to how you can live in harmony while also taking care of your dog’s wants and needs. 

The five tips below will give you a great start:

  • Remember that dogs (whether with a full complement of senses or without) are incredibly resilient. As such, do not feel sorry for your dog because that emotion is wasted. They will just get on with it and so should you.

  • When living with a blind dog, it is important to provide a consistent and stable physical environment so be sure to not leave things lying around.

  • Start training at the earliest opportunity so you can establish a code of conduct for your dog.

  • Regularly use touch to reassure your dog as this will give him a sense of comfort. This especially applies to older dogs that have gone blind.

  • Know your dog’s limitations. Living with a blind dog may not always be easy because he or she may not be able to do everything a sighted dog can do but more often than not he will try!

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